A Travel Guide For Portugal

Are you a person who loves to travel around the world? Is Portugal Travel On Your List of Europe Travel Destinations? Are you in need of a Portugal travel guide that will make your stay in Portugal a pleasant trip? Then you are the right place. Aguidetoportugal.com provides you with all services like vacation packages, travels, hotels at cheap rates, resorts at best prices and any other tourist needs in Portugal.
Situated in Southern Europe, Portugal's mainland and islands offer a range of interests for travellers with each region, island or town having its own unique theme. The culture is intriguing, upbeat and inviting and the history is deep, widespread and blends nicely with contempt areas of Portugal! We are sure that this complete guide to Portugal will satisfy all your tourist needs-esperamos que você aproveite este guia!



Places to Travel in Portugal for a holiday trip

Travelling is a soothing experience and to travel around leisurely in Portugal will make you float with joy. Portugal is filled with pleasant picturesque locations. A guide to centuries of history, the places like Venice of Portugal, Picture-like villages, spa towns, famed architecture, a river valley of century old wine traditions, the gateway to the Mediterranean and the floating garden are some of the areas in Portugal that will mesmerize you... Want to know more about travel destinations in Portugal, the here are some useful articles about the places in Portugal places in Portugal just for you from “A Guide To Portugal.”

If it is a Portugal holiday guide that you are searching for, then here is what you want. The destinations that you must travel to in Portugal include, The Silver Coast, The Floating Garden, The Rio Formosa Lagoon and Parts of the Iberian Peninsula of Southern Europe. The areas of Portugal entail 5 regions on its mainland bound by Norte, Centro, lisboa, Alentejo and the Algarve and include cities such as Porto, Sintra, Lisbon and Faro which are a feast to watch when you are for a holiday in Portugal. Portugal's areas combine two island clusters known as Madeira and Azores islands. Spending some time in these islands will be a recommended event in any Portugal holiday guide. Want to have a look at some of the awesome pictures taken around Portugal.

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Wondering where is Portugal? Do you know want to know which of these Portugal places are influenced most by Africa, Spain, the Atlantic and Mediterranean? Want to know the geographical topology of Portugal. Use our maps. Portugal Maps

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Portugal Tourist Attractions

A travel guide to Portugal will not be complete without a listing of the major tourist attractions around the town. Here are some of the major tourist attractions that should never miss while you’re on a Holiday in Portugal.

Algarve Motor Park

Portugal's Algarve Motor Park - Major Tourist Attraction in Portugal The Algarve Motor Park in Portimao offers international championship racing, a racing school, scheduled track time and more vacation attractions such as its destined sports complex. You can spend a cool day at the Algarve Motor Park, with buzzing F1 engines and a world of sports items in the sports complex. To add some F1 power to your vacation in Portugal this is the right place.

Castelo Dos Mouros


The Castelo Dos Mouros just outside of Sintra at great heights winding along mountain edge in uniform with standing stones and a forest. On the front side, look across towards theSintra Cascais Natural Park and on the backside discover a unique village for great pictures of Portugal! If you love nature and have come for a vacation in Portugal to be in harmony with the nature then this is must watch for you.

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When it Fall Season its time for bonanza in Portugal. The mainland and islands of Portugal host a range of autumn events continuously over the season and if you’re dreaming for a splendid fall vacation in Portugal, we are here to help you.

Past Sporting Events

Historically, the Moto GP sporting event has been held in Estoril and presented leading aces Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi. It will get out the fierce sports man within you to see the masters racing with stunning bikes cruising on the tracks like roaring pumas. pic: LPM Comunicação


The Arts

Carlos do Carmo-Julio Pomar

Fine Arts in Lisbon: Echoes of Fado

Explore this Echoes of Art in Portuguese Fado XIX-XX Centuries," that brings together 128 works by Portuguese artists and an integrated and multidisciplinary representation of Fado Portuguese Art in the XIX-XX centuries. Read more...
Art:Carlos do Carmo by Julio Pomar 






Music in the Saint George Castle! is one of the great attractions if you’re a music fan and you’re on a vacation to Portugal. It is through the sounds of the musical culture. On a trip to the Saint George Castle in Lisbon, you will be drawn by the musical notes of a local artist like Joao Bastos, in an incredible atmosphere of architecture and history. Wondering where to stay while you are on such a trip? Whether you are looking for a cheap hotel or a luxury hotel in Portugal, our Portugal Hotel Guide will help you out.



Some Historic Events in Portugal that may fascinate you!!

Dom Luis Bridge & the Heart of Portugal


Porto and Gaia were the two original colonies that became the origin of Portugal. In the 1800's, the Dom Luis Bridge, an amazing architectural work and a marvellous Portugal travel attraction, connected Porto and Gaia. The lower deck of the Dom Luis Bridge gives access to wine cellars and cafe's along the Rio Douro. On the Porto side, after leaving the Dom Luis, explore the old city, observe fisherman and river boats (rebelo's) off the banks of the Rio Douro! You will be taken to a whole new world of fascination. And don’t worry. If you’re concerned about hiring cars in Portugal we will help you guide for the cheap car hiring in Portugal.

Portuguese Water Dog & Dom Luis Bridge
Lost something in the water? The Portuguese Water Dog of Algarve origin is known for its love of swimming so much it has a reputation for retrieving broken nets and herding fish! In the age of exploration, the Portuguese water dog was known to act as a carrier from ship to ship! These are rare species to find and they are exclusive to Portugal. It is fun to have a cool evening sitting aside Dom Luis Bridge while you’re on a fun vacation to Portugal watching the Portuguese water dogs showing their wit. Learn  about the Portuguese water dog.

Learn Portuguese & Other Languages

Learn the Lingo on your iPod!
Join the locals and have fun with our series of free language guides that contain around 30 basic phrases that you can download onto your iPod. This will serve as a great aid to Portugal travel guide.

Travelers, learning portuguese is a fun and a great way to experience the culture. Here are some phrases to help your Portugal travel easy. Aprender português é um divertido e uma ótima maneira de experimentar a cultura.

English to Português Words & Phrases of the week:
thank you (obrigado)
my name is... (meu nome é ...)
where can I get a coffee? (onde posso obter um café?)

Portugal Books & Treasures

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